The Bibites is a passion project, created by Léo Caussan in 2017, and was initially simply a project he worked on for fun on down times during his studies

But after presenting a first video of the project on Youtube in 2019, as a send-off before joining the engineering workforce, Léo was submerged by views, comments, and cries for more. He decided to keep working on the project and publishing videos about the progress.

After a few years of growth, in 2021, Léo finally made the jump and decided to go full-time on the project using the personal saving he made working a few years as an engineer (poor Léo, I know), and he never looked back.

In 2023, after years of loneliness and solo development, Léo decided to join force with a long term Collaborator, Alex, to propel The Bibites to the next stage, by founding Omnia Studios and turning the project into a serious endeavor.

Who knows where we’ll go next, but if I were you, I’d stick around to find out.


Léo Caussan

Creator of The Bibites

Bearer of Handsome Hair

Alex Sawyer

Omnia Studios Co-Founder

Father of Many Bibites