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The Bibites

The Bibites is an Artificial Life Project

Where actual digital lifeforms are free to Live, Reproduce, Evolve, and Learn.

By simulating Physics, Biology, and Evolution, using new algorithms tailored to ALife, the project aims to prove that:

Life doesn’t have to be carbon-based

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The Bibites is a passion project, created by Léo Caussan in 2017, that explores the concept of digital life and emergent behavior with the help of the adorable critters called bibites!

The Project is continuously improving and being worked on , but it has already captured the fascination of hundreds of thousands of researchers, scientists, students, and viewers.

It is also obviously incredibly advanced compared to its humble beginnings, but the creator still want to push it further and attain emergence levels comparable to life as we know it.

Procedural Appearances

The bibite’s appearances is based on their genes and represents how they have evolved in response of their environment

Neural Networks as Brains

A new custom Evolutionary and Neural Network Algorithms leading to limitless emergent behaviors and continuous evolution through reproduction

Biological Simulation

The systems of the simulation aim to be consistent and realistic.

From energy transfer and conservation, to physics, to metabolisms and digestion.

All The Way Through